Country Fresh Eggs

Country Fresh Eggs is a family owned and run business employing local staff. We have 3 Free Range poultry houses totalling 39,500 laying hens along with another 20,000 hens on contract from local producers.

Our Story

Country Fresh Eggs was established over 50 years ago by David and Ingrid Shervington, at Ty Mawr Farm, St. Brides on the Gwent Levels, South Wales.

Great grandma Willey back in 1910 owned 50 hens and used to sell eggs from the farm gate, along with ice cream that she made from milk produced by her 7 cows. When her grandson David took an interest in the 1960’s she gave him a shed and 2 acres for his 18th birthday.

57 years later, David has turned those 2 acres into 2 farms. Sadly David passed away in 2009 leaving behind a very successful egg business run by his daughter Victoria, under the watchful eye of her mum.

The Hens

Our hens are provided with highest level of welfare standards and stress free environment which includes large scratching areas on a range of 1,000 birds per acre. All our ranges have plenty of shelters and perching for the ladies to feel as safe and happy.

We have a dedicated team of ladies and gents who are committed to ensuring the welfare of our ladies is second to none. As ultimately the happier and healthier the hens are the better the quality of their eggs.

Our Brand

We are quite unique in that, not only do we produce, we also pack our own eggs, resulting in the freshest eggs being with customers as quickly as within 24 hours of lay.

Country Fresh Eggs is a premium brand, which is reflected in the quality of our packaging and freshness of our eggs.

We distribute eggs only in our region keeping food miles to a minimum.

Our Credentials

Country Fresh Eggs is registered as Lion code producer and packers of free range eggs as well as being part of RSPCA freedom food and Salsa. By law we are also required to abide by the rules of the Salmonella National Control Program.

Lion Coded

Food Farm Assured

Salsa accredited

Our Packing Center

We have our own Egg Packing Center with a Moba 2500 Egg Grader which loads, grades and packs in one continuous process. Part of the process is the passing of the eggs over a “candler” where they are physically examined for defects such as cracks etc.

We operate our own deliveries five days a week in our own sign written vans as well as supplying a major supermarket chain on a regional basis.There are rigid quality controls in place as well as the legislative controls that we have to comply with. 

We operate stringent quality controls in the whole process so that only Class A eggs are packed and distributed to our customers. 

We have an up to date HACCP in place. Our poultry houses are tested every 15 weeks for Salmonella as per the EU National Control Programme and the eggs themselves are tested every three months.

We have regular audits by DEFRA Animal Health (Egg Inspector) as well as by the BEIC Lion Code Quality and Welfare Standard.

All our eggs are:

Free Range Eggs

Lion coded

Salsa accredited

RSPCA FREEDOM - Food Farm Assured

Fresh & Healthy

Our eggs can be supplied in either large or small quantities:




Our team

We have a friendly long-standing team of delivery drivers, who can supply with you with excellence service, quality and price.

We supply